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Jinglin Liao is an interdisciplinary artist and performer working actively in fields related to body and movement. Inspired by animals’ alertness, her aim is to transform classical/traditional movement to individual body language together with a sense of danger. Using human instinct, impulses, emotions and voice to trigger movement is another way she experiments in her practice. Graduated from CalArts Dance in 2019, Jinglin received her MFA in Choreography with minor in Integrated Media. In 2020, She works as a commission choreographer at L.A. Dance Project, lead by Benjamin Millipied.  


Her current works include, Something About Heads, Cat’s cradle, Unstable Floor, Cross the River, Uncapturable, SEEK. Besides playing ideas and working with performers, Jinglin also got opportunities to work with incredible choreographers/artists including Julie Bour, Dimitri Chamblas, Maxine Doyle, Rosanna Gamson, Scarlett Kim, Gerard & Kelly and Hou Ying Dance Theater.

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