About Jinglin 

Jinglin Liao is a choreographer, performer who is interested in telling stories through movements and creates tension both inside the body and between bodies. Inspired by animals’ alertness, her aim is to transform classical/traditional movements to individual body language together with a sense of danger. Using human instinct, impulse, emotions and voice to trigger movements is another way she experiments in her choreography. Her current works include, Something About Heads, Seek, Cross the river, Unstable Floor, Uncapturable (a collaboration between dance and painting with Ellody Wu), Cat’s cradle (a collaboration between dance, photography and music with Don Tinling and Timothy Johnson), Walking with disappeared (a site specific at Hauser & Wirth Somerset collaborating with Sichong Xie). She graduated from CALARTS Dance, MFA program in Choreography with minor in Integrated Media in May 2019. 

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