Cat's cradle-A game of String 

A collaboration between dance, photography and music. 

Choreographed by Jinglin Liao

Performed by 

Nadia Muhammad 

Jinglin Liao

Destiny Nevarez

Shiloh Beckett 

Nicholas Ruscica

Damon Berry

Ryan Moore

Collaborate with 

Don Tinling (Photography) 

Timothy Johnson (Music) 

Special thanks to 

Tom Leeser

Francesca Penzani 

Cat's cradle in Main Gallery     Photo credit: Rafael Hernandez

Cat's cradle in Spring Dance (REDCAT)    Photo credit: Steve Gunther

Cat's cradle in Spring Dance (Calarts)      Photo credit: Rafael Hernandez

All Rights Reserved.  ©2020  JINGLIN LIAO 

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