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Something About Heads 

The process of collapsing takes time. 


Body rots from inside out, 

Slowly draining.

Feet become heavier,

Heart becomes insensible,

Eyes become blurry. 


Struggling on the edge of life.

Desire versus gravity. 

Dream versus reality. 


Where can we go? 

With an empty heart. 

And a dead body.


Keep walking.

The person you are looking at is not the one you are looking for. 

Keep fighting.

The person beside you may be your enemy in the next second. 


Don’t fall. 

Keep balance in unbalance. 

Don’t cry. 

Singing and dancing: Best medicine to forget about reality for a moment. 

What can we see? 

In this society exploding with information. 

What can we believe?


What do we sell in order to buy? 

What do we ingest in order to sleep?


Surveillance. Surveillance. Surveillance.


Does technology move us closer? 

Or further apart? 


Are we machines? 

Are we human? 

Or are we animals? 


Let the bench sing. 

Directed/Choreographed by 

Jinglin Liao 

With Creative Contribution by 

Nicholas Ruscica

Tetiana Sklyarova 

Ryan Moore

Im (Kanokporn) Vorapharuek

Victoria Roman 

Chenhui Mao 

Nadia Muhammad

Damontae Hack 

Shannon Hafez

Liessa Son 

William Mallet

Chance Lang


CIA_20190320_23233 (1).JPG

Design Team 

Lighting designed by 

Dylan Phillips ​

Video designed by 

Eugene (Shil-Lien) Yen, 

assisted by Myokyung Shon

Sound designed by 

Anna Grossman 

Scenic designed by 

Jinglin Liao 

Dorothy Zhu 

Costume designed by 

Zhenzhen Zhong 

Animation by 

Xiaoxiao Ma

Stage managed by 

Shiloh Beckett 

Technique Support 

Tony Shayne 

Carla Linton 

Justin Scheid

Video Archive Support 

Francesa Penzani 

Yue Zhu 

Yuchen Hu 

Nicolas Savignano 

Irene Gil Ramon 

Shan Wu 

Photo captured by 

Rafael Hernandez

Zhenzhen Zhong 

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 11.33.14
Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 11.49.12
CIA_20190320_23331 (1).JPG

Special thanks to 

Dimitri Chamblas

Julie Bour 

Francesca Penzani 

Anthony Nikolchev

Mona Heize 

Rafael Lopez-Barrantes 

Matt Lemp 

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